Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are team members still a part of DHS or HHS if they attend the Satellite Center?

Yes, all Satellite Center team members:

  • Attend classes at DHS or HHS for half of the day
  • Participate in all advisory days with other students at DHS and HHS
  • Participate in pep rallies and special events at DHS and HHS
  • Are able to participate in ALL sports, activities and clubs at DHS and HHS
  • Receive daily e-mail announcements from DHS and HHS
  • Who drive receive priority for parking passes at DHS or HHS
  • Are able to use their laptops at DHS or HHS and for their senior project
  • Can use a Satellite Center Facilitator as a resource for their senior project (if project is in area of facilitator's expertise)
  • Wear their DHS or HHS uniform

Is the Satellite Center geared for Vocational Education or College Prep Students?

To succeed in the modern world, children need both knowledge and skills in a work environment.  This need is driven not only by workforce demands for high-performance employees who can plan, collaborate, apply what they know, communicate, negotiate, explore, interpret and create, but also by the need to help all young people learn civic responsibility and master their new roles as global citizens.  In response to these needs we ensure team members leave the Satellite Center with both the knowledge and skills needed for future success.

How do students travel to/from the Satellite Center?

All team members have the option of either driving their personal vehicle to the Satellite Center or ride a bus fro DHS or HHS and back to school after the class is over.

Who should I contact to get more informcation on the Satellite Center?

You may contact the Career Development Coordinators at DHS and HHS or fill out the online question form {INSERT LINK FOR QUESTION FORM HERE}.  In addition you are always welcome to contact any of the Satellite Center facilitators to discuss your questions (contact information found on website).

Are lunch facilities provided?

All meals are eating at DHS or HHS during regular lunch times; however if a team member drives and would like to bring a meal to the Satellite Center to eat in the Rotunda before classes begin they are welcome to do that as well.

How are the community/parents involved?

All community members (parents are included in this group) are a welcome addition to any project we are working on.  Examples: Judging Panel for Products, Professional Development, Cafe Days, Field Experiences, Focus Groups, Audience for Presentations, etc.

Is it true that ever team member recieves a labtop?

All laptops are leased to Satellite Center team members for a nominal fee for one year.  The team member and parent/guardian signs a lease agreement at the beginning of the year stating all responsibilities that come with leasing the laptop. In addition the parish purchases insurance which covers major damage to the laptop.  All small technology issues are covered under the parish's hardware maintenance contract and are resolved by the parish's IT services.




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